Lokho Esikwenzayo

I-Kildare iyinhlangano yobulungu engenzi nzuzo, esekelwa yiKildare County Council futhi iyizwi lezokuvakasha elimele izintshisekelo zemboni ezingeni likazwelonke nakwamanye amazwe.

Ezokuvakasha zinomthelela obalulekile ekudalweni kwamathuba emisebenzi futhi zinomthelela omuhle enhlalakahleni yezomnotho nezenhlalakahle yesiFunda. Ukungena eKildare kunomthelela futhi kunomthelela ekuthuthukisweni kwamasu esikhathi eside kwe-County Kildare futhi kuhlangana nababambiqhaza ukuze kuqhutshwe ukukhula kwezokuvakasha.

Njengebhodi lezokuvakasha elisemthethweni, i-Into Kildare kufanele ikhokhelwe

"Kwakha umkhakha wezokuvakasha othokozisayo, nozinzile e-County Kildare lapho ababambiqhaza basebenzisana khona ukuklama nokuletha okuhlangenwe nakho kwekhwalithi kwabavakashi basekhaya nabakwamanye amazwe, ukudala amathuba emisebenzi, ukukhulisa umnotho wendawo kanye nokuvikela imvelo."

The Strategic Plan for Tourism in Kildare 2022-2027, was launched by Minister Catherine Martin TD on 17 November 2021. The strategy seeks to maximise the tourism potential of County Kildare to achieve the vision by building on strengths and opportunities using a framework guided by six goals and six strategic priorities.

Strategic Plan for Tourism in County Kildare 2022-2027

Vision for Kildare Tourism
“Kildare, a rural escape close to the city, is recognised worldwide for exceptional thoroughbred experiences, a place to engage with rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and a warm welcome. A sustainable ethos based around low impact regenerative tourism is at the heart of what we do. Our county is a place apart, with a blend of fascinating history and modern vibrancy; a place to reconnect and indulge with friends and family; where reviving and recharging is a racing certainty.”

Framework for Kildare Tourism
There are six strategic priorities with clear objectives for Kildare tourism to enable compelling and high-quality visitor experiences, with an increasingly resilient, competitive and innovate industry that provides local economic benefit to the communities of Kildare. One that is based on principles of sustainable and regenerative tourism, leaving places better than they were before.

  1. Demonstrate leadership and collaboration. Together the tourism stakeholders in Kildare will work collaboratively with a common vision, striving for a united and competitive destination, with a stronger and more effective governance model, and appropriate resourcing.
  2. Enable industry resilience. The Kildare tourism industry will become increasingly resilient through digitisation support to support a smart tourism approach, support for a low carbon transition, enabling of networking opportunities and by targeted capacity building.
  3. Creating captivating experiences. Innovative world class visitor experiences will be created that provide an immersive, compelling reason to visit Kildare and motivate more overnight stays with an emphasis on regenerative tourism.
  4. Reinforce destination connectivity and accessibility. A reimagining of the way in which visitors can access County kildare will focus on new transport links, signage, universal design, and a wider range of visitor accommodation.
  5. Build visitor awareness. Key market segments among domestic and international visitor will be targeted to raise awareness of Kildare as a rural escape with exceptional experiences through a range of digital and print media, events, packaged offers and itineraries.
  6. Measure strategy impact. A smart destination approach will drive collation and analysis of a range of tourism data to inform decision-making and to benefit Kildare communities.

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David Mongey (Mongey Communications)


UBrian Fallon, uMgcinimafa Ohloniphekile (Fallon's of Kilcullen)
UBrian Flanagan, uMgcinimafa We-Ass Hon (USilken Thomas)
U-Anne O'Keeffe, uNobhala Ohloniphekile
Sonya Kavanagh (Umkhandlu Wesifunda SaseKildare)
U-Liam Dunne (Umkhandlu Wesifunda SaseKildare)
Cllr. USuzanne Doyle (Umkhandlu Wesifunda SaseKildare)
UMichael Davern (Ihhotela)
UKevin Kenny (IShackleton Museum)
UTom McCutcheon (Isikhungo Samagugu Sedolobha laseKildare)
U-Evan Arkwright (Umjaho weCurragh)